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Capital “H”

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Andddd completed in 10 days! I honestly thought it would be much harder because of all the online reviews saying that there were people who’ve worked on it for months without much progress. Was surprisingly quite manageable. Or maybe I just am that good!

Braces: Day 589

Set #18: Black
BlackIt has gone from #16 to #18 because I missed one set in between, but that’s okay, since it was a purple/pink that I’d done before anyway.

Also, graduation today! Waited close to a year for this, so long that I was hardly even waiting anymore. Been working for close to a year already, and even moving on to a new job soon, but I’m glad that the commencement marks the official end of my education, for now. Big thanks and hugs and kisses to everyone that I’ve met in my time at UB!

On the other hand, I was talking to mother about working life and supporting myself. I have to say that it feels really good spending my own money, knowing that I’ve earned it, and that I don’t ever need to take an allowance from her anymore, and have moved on to giving her money instead. Though I have to admit that I’m still leeching off on room and board, and I doubt mother’s plan to kick me out of the house by 25 will succeed.

Doesn’t change the fact that all my weekly shopping at Zalora now is guilt-free!

Like brother, like goldfish

My parents and I went to a fish farm today, but that’s not the point of this story.

My mother told me about how my brother was there the last time, and bought this fat and cute goldfish, that in her words, looked ‘retarded, but very cute’.

They left it at the little water feature that we have near the gate. One day, a bird came. My brother saw it, slowly advancing to where the fishes were, but waited to see what it was going to do.

Then without warning, the bird hopped onto the ledge, pecked at the big goldfish which was ‘too fat and slow to do anything’ and then flew away with it. All my brother could do was stand there, frustrated and heartbroken to tears, not being to do anything.

I guess the pets that you choose really are reflective of their owners.

Victory #6


Yes, I haven’t ran at all this year, but what better to motivate me to start again than with some new running gear? Bought some off ZALORA which arrived today, immediately put it on and went on a run. Hehe. The smallest things really make me so satisfied sometimes.

Really wanna buy a pair of chio Nike shoes next to keep the momentum going, but then I keep hearing Macklemore in my head whispering to me 'for a hundred dollars and some change, consumption is in the veins, and now I see it's just another pair of shoes'.

Braces: Day 520

Set #16:Invisibraces
SilverMore than one person was telling me how much they loved having silver in their braces, because it made the braces look invisible, which, truth be told, I’m not completely sold on the idea. But oh well. Also, dyed my hair purple last weekend, but it seems like most of that is gone now. Now that I have parts of my hair bleached, I suppose I’ll slowly move across the spectrum of colours that I want to try, so this is going to be some costly decision. I really LOVED my purple hair, but just going to wait for a bit more and see what colour the bleached parts will fade to.

Braces: Day 495

Set #15: The Letdown
Top: Dark Blue / Bottom: Teal
imageAptly named not because I didn’t like the colour, but because one of the fancy mechanisms at the back failed on me one day while I was eating bak kut teh, and I had to go back to the dentist to get it fixed. Also, super late in posting this, and frankly, I’m doing it now because my next dental appointment is tomorrow, and if all goes well, I’ll hopefully have a new set of braces to post tomorrow!


I am the only person that can, or rather will, look out for me and salvage my heart. Occasionally that means severing ties after weighing out the options, and more often than not it includes missing someone an awful lot.

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Braces: Day 444

Set #14: The Bringer of Pain
Top: Purple / Bottom: Light Purple(Picture comes 2 weeks late)

Updated to what my dentist calls the ‘power chain’ on the bottom set, which I’m going to call the Bringer of Pain, because that is exactly what it is. On the other hand, pain also means progress, though not so much in other parts of my life, but apt in this instance at least.

This made me cry. <3