Braces: Day 495

Set #15: The Letdown
Top: Dark Blue / Bottom: Teal
imageAptly named not because I didn’t like the colour, but because one of the fancy mechanisms at the back failed on me one day while I was eating bak kut teh, and I had to go back to the dentist to get it fixed. Also, super late in posting this, and frankly, I’m doing it now because my next dental appointment is tomorrow, and if all goes well, I’ll hopefully have a new set of braces to post tomorrow!


I am the only person that can, or rather will, look out for me and salvage my heart. Occasionally that means severing ties after weighing out the options, and more often than not it includes missing someone an awful lot.

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Braces: Day 444

Set #14: The Bringer of Pain
Top: Purple / Bottom: Light Purple(Picture comes 2 weeks late)

Updated to what my dentist calls the ‘power chain’ on the bottom set, which I’m going to call the Bringer of Pain, because that is exactly what it is. On the other hand, pain also means progress, though not so much in other parts of my life, but apt in this instance at least.

This made me cry. <3

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Why I can’t be friends with you

I spent some time scrolling through the notifications tab on my twitter account, because sometimes it’s nice to go back, and see which of my inane ramblings elicited a response from people. It went back to Dec ‘12, and I’m glad that that was all it got to, because in some way, I think that was what I needed to see to start on this post.

I can’t be friends with you, because I’ve always known that a part of me loves who I was as a person back then. It felt amazing, I felt free to be whoever I was, because I knew, for some reason, that no matter what I did, no matter what choices I made, that someone got me. Even if we didn’t even spend that much time alone together, I was comfortable, whether it was texts between just the two of us, or hanging out amongst all the others, I knew, I just knew, that you got me. Or maybe this was all just in my head, I will never know.

I can’t be friends with you, because I’ve proven to myself, after going back to the tweets of Dec ‘12, that I still like that person that I was back then the most. Not that I hate myself now, but it still could be better, you know? Being around you just constantly reminds me of the person that I was back then, before all the drama kicked in, and everything changed. Somehow I’m making this more dramatic than it actually sounds, so perhaps it would be more accurate to say that everything just fizzled out. You probably didn’t get it, but that one day in Dec ‘12 was when I decided that I couldn’t go back to being that girl who was just friends with you, and waiting for you to see that, hey, I got you too.

In some way, being around you reminds me of both the best and worst parts of myself. The best, because I was free to do anything, even take on the world if I wanted. The worst, because all this was possible because you were there. Well that’s not necessarily the worst thing in the world, but it feels like it is, when you realise it’s not the right guy who made that happen.

Maybe I’m just going about this the wrong way. Maybe I miss the me when I was with you more than I miss you, when I should be looking for someone who makes me feel the opposite. Have I really gone around this from a fundamentally wrong start point? I have to love myself first, because who will love me if even I don’t.

I’m not sure whether you’ll ever see this, but I just felt like I needed to get this out. I’ve always felt like I needed to get this out, and perhaps today, enough time has passed for me to be able to gather my thoughts about the matter coherently. You said before that you didn’t understand why I was behaving the way I did back then, and when friends asked me before, I realised I didn’t have an answer either, or at least a coherent one. But I think this is it. I don’t know whether you still care enough to find out, and if you somehow still do, whether you’ll get to read this, and maybe gleam some sort of explanation of my behaviour from it. The sneaky and somewhat invisible ball is in your court now, even if it is a year late.

Until I find the right guy who makes me feel like I’m free to do anything, and even take on the world if I wanted to, this is why I can’t be friends with you.

Braces: Day 402

Set #13: Waiting For CNY
Top: red / Bottom: orangeimageWhen any kind of holiday comes around, I just can’t help but get colours that match said holiday. Which explains why during this time, I always have red and orange colours, and end up repeating a set that I’ve already had before. That’s also the drawback of taking down my whole journey I guess, finding out that I’m repeating myself as I go along. Well, there aren’t too many CNY variations that I can do right?

Was actually half a month late in changing this set, because I missed an earlier appointment due to a lack of funds (haha). Earned a change of wire on my bottom row (finally), and removed the spring separating the two teeth in the bottom row, so I expect that will close up soon. I’m really sick of lauhong s’s, and seeing that spring gone really comes as a relief.


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